Prior to Potteryworld's commencement, Pennys' Place was established in 1978 by founders Tom and Penny Leighs. Beginning with an idea and vision, Tom and Penny soon realised the potential for pottery in the evolving market. Their focus was to capture the hearts and minds of Cantabrians to provide and produce a wide range of top quality products that would accomodate all households.

As Pennys' Place continued to grow, more help was needed which saw the introduction of their three children Mark, Jenny and Tom. The business then rebranded under Potteryworld which coincided the need for expansion. This meant that sourcing for quality pots became a global mission in finding the best suppliers. 

Potteryworld is still a family business with Mark and his wife Tania continuing to build on the foundations laid by Penny and Tom. Our core values remain the same by further exploring the world to source and provide the most quality products to not only Christchurch but the entire country.

We would like to thank everyone that has played their part in contributing to the success Potteryworld has obtained as we continue to grow in the future. For the best Pot Deal in town come see us today.